Jibu Stew

Ingredients (for 4 servings)
(A) Duck or chicken 200g
Sudarefu (wheat gluten) 1
Fresh shiitake mushrooms 10 (small-size)
Seri (Japanese parsley) small amount
Grated horseradish small amount
Flour small amount
(B) Dashi (broth) 2 cups
Soy sauce 4T
Sugar 1T
Sake 2T
Mirin (sweetened sake) 2T

Cut duck or chicken into slices and dust with flour. photo1
photo2 Cut sudarefu into thin strips, tie each of them and run through some hot water. Cut decorative nicks on each shiitake. Wrap boiled seri with sudarefu like a roll and cut into 3cm-length.
Boil all ingredients in (B) in a pan. Cook sudarefu and shiitake in it and take them out once. Then put the meat in 1in the pan to cook. Add seri lastly. Do not overcook any ingredient at this time. photo3
photo4 Put dissolved flour in the soup. Serve all ingredients in each cup and pour the starchy soup over it. Garnish with a pinch of grated horseradish on top.

Let's make Hasu-mushi !


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