Local Cooking in Four Seasons

(sandwich of sliced turnips and yellowtail)

Slices of turnips, yellowtail and other ingredients such as peeled carrot and sea tangle are pickled in malted rice and salt. This delicacy is an indispensable New Year's dish in Kanazawa.
Kabura-zushi (sandwich of sliced turnips and yellowtail)
(codfish wrapped in sea tangle)

Codfish from the Sea of Japan is thinly sliced, seasoned with sake and then wrapped in sea tangle to be preserved for a few days until the flavors blend.
This dish is another New Year's specialty. Kobujime sprinkled with cod roe, in particular, is a gourmet delight.
Kobujime (codfish wrapped in sea tangle)
(small, sweet shrimps)

Small, vivid red shrimps are at their peak flavor in the late fall and winter. Their delicate taste and the special texture of the light green colored roe is something special and unique among seafoods.
Ama-ebi (small, sweet shrimps)
Zuwai-gani (hairless male crabs) are called by different names in different regions. They are usually boiled then served cold with soy sauce and vinegar. Kobako-gani (tiny female crabs) contain delicious roe and are more commonly eaten.
(winter yellowtail)

The best season for yellowtail comes when cracks of thunderbolts, peculiar to the Japan Sea coast, become more frequent. The fish meat is firm and ready for eating after being tossed about by the angry waves of the Japan Sea. It is served as sashimi, teriyaki (broiled after marinating in soy sauce and sweetened sake), shio-yaki (grilled with salt) and ara-ni (bony parts of the fish boiled in soy sauce).
Kan-buri (winter yellowtail)


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