Ingredients (for 4 servings)
(A) Renkon 300g
(B) Potato starch 1t
Salt 1/2t
Sugar 1t
White fish (or chicken) 100g
Shrimp 4
Dried shiitake 2
Ginkgo nuts 8
Yurine (lily root) 8 flakes
Egg white 1
(C) Dashi (broth) 1C
Mirin 1T
Salt 2/3t
Light soy sauce 2t
Potato starch small amount

Grate renkon after peeling the skin. Put grated renkon on a bamboo mat to drain the water off. Add egg white, starch, sugar and salt and mix them. photo1
photo2 Soak dried shiitake in water to reconstitute it, then cut into fine strips. Peel the shrimps and cut into 3 ~ 4 pieces. Remove flakes of yurine and boil them slightly. Season the white fish (or chicken) with sake and salt beforehand. Remove the shell of ginkgo nuts and boil, then peel off the thin skin.
Put the above ingredients into each cup and add the grated renkon. Place the cups in a hot steamer and steam at high heat for about 20 ~ 30 minutes after water in the steamer starts boiling. photo3
photo4 Put all ingredients in (C) in a pan and boil. Put dissolved potato starch in the soup and pour over the steamed renkon. Steaming can be quickly done if each cup is covered with a plastic wrap.

Let's make Jibu Stew !


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