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CIR Special Correspondent Report Vol.1 (Spring 2013)
~Spring has come to Kanazawa: Getting the most out of your next trip here~

Dear Overseas Friends,

 Hello all! This is your friendly American Coordinator for International Relations for the city of Kanazawa speaking. In the below video, I visited Mt. Utatsuyama, where cherry blossoms, a characteristic symbol of spring in Japan, have bloomed. Historically, the general populace was actually restricted from accessing the mountain, however, in the present day it is enjoyed by all as a public park for cherry blossom viewing, scenic drives, and recreational activities. The mountain also offers a commanding view of Kanazawa’s traditional castle town streets making it a popular tourist spot.
 After the cherry blossoms fall to the ground and spring transitions into summer, it is the perfect time to visit Kanazawa, just in time for the famous Hyakumangoku Festival. This year’s festival lasts from May 31st to June 2nd, and festivities include a main parade, accompanied by other events such as Toro-Nagashi, a wonderful nighttime event in which participants float beautiful silk lanterns down the Asanogawa river. It is an ideal way to experience true Kanazawa and Japan.
  Lastly, in 2015, a new bullet train will connect Kanazawa with Tokyo. The new train will cut the travel time from 4 hours including transfers, to 2 1/2 hours without any transfers. To increase excitement leading up to the commencement of service, several pre-launch events are planned. With the opening of the bullet train, it will make it a snap to get from Tokyo to Kanazawa, and we look forward to an increase in tourists to our city.
 We hope you will take the chance to visit Kanazawa, and see all our multi-faceted city has to offer.

“A sweeping view of the city of Kanazawa and rows of cherry trees in bloom from Mt. Utatsuyama”

“Toro-nagashi” : silk lanterns floating down the Asanogawa River
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