Canal in the city

Date of sister city agreement: June 13, 1981
Population: 2,100,000
Area: 1,650 square kilometers
    In the lower reaches of the Yangtze in Jiangsu Province lies the city of Suzhou. Bordering Shanghai in the east and Lake Taiko in the west, the city enjoys a mild and humid climate. An old saying maintains, "Paradise in Heaven, Suzhou and Hangzhou on earth." 10% of the city's total area is cultivated fields, 30% is hills, and the rest is covered with water.
    King Helu of Wu State in 514 B.C. built his capital in present-day Suzhou and since then the city's location and scale have remained virtually unchanged. A metropolis of industry and commerce in the south-eastern coast of China, Suzhou has always been a hub for merchants. Today's Suzhou is an open city with a developed economy and frequent exchanges with the outside world. Its unique crafts such as Suzhou embroidery and sandalwood fans are known throughout the world.
    There are many picturesque gardens and historical sites in Suzhou, such as Tiger Hill, the Humble Administrator's Garden, Master-of-Net Garden, Lion Grove Garden (shizlin), and Belta Park, which abounds in ancient relics and natural scenery. Han Shan Temple has gained renown because of the well-known poem by the Tang poet Zhang Ji, in which are written the lines, "Away from the town of Suzhou stands Han Shan Temple, the chime of its mid-night bell reaches as far as my boat."
Exchange Activities
  • visits from sister city delegations to each of
    the sister cities
  • visits from economic and cultural delegations
    to both cities
  • visits between youth delegations and sports
  • correspondence and exchange between junior
    and senior high schools, universities, banking
    facilities, and the press
  • holding exhibits of Suzhou products and culture
    to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the sister
    city agreement
  • employing international exchange personnel
    from Suzhou to work in Kanazawa
Suzhou Products and Culture Exhibition Celebrating
Emblem of Suzhou
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