City Hall and Stanislas Square

Date of sister city agreement: October 12, 1973
Population: 100,000
Area: 15 square kilometers
    Nancy is the central city of Lorraine in east France and a three-hour train ride from Paris. Aside from the severe winters it enjoys a pleasant climate. Originally a simple military post, the city became the capital of the Dukes of Lorraine at the end of the 15th century and flourished thereafter as a castle city. Its location near the German border led to some harsh times in Nancy's history. Later on, Nancy's key industries, machinery, textiles, and crystal, greatly contributed to the city's development.
    Visitors to Nancy are dazzled by the prestigious 18th-century buildings constructed at the orders of Royal Duke Stanislas Lesczinski at the Stanislas square. Art noveau, that all-encompassing art form whose influence spread to architecture as well as interior decor, was born here and buildings that retain the character of that time can be seen everywhere.
    The lively culture of Nancy is best represented by the Nancy National Ballet, one of the three famous ballet groups in France, and the "Theatre de la Passion." This biblical pageant features over 400 lively actors and chorus singers and is held every four years, from June to July in the exhibitions center. With its 45,000 students, the ubiquitous"Ecole de Nancy" serves notice that Nancy is also a European center for university studies.
Exchange Activities
  • visits from sister city delegations between the two cities
  • academic exchanges between Ecole de Nancy and
    Kanazawa University, and Nancy National Art College
    and Kanazawa College of Art
  • communication between exchange students
  • visits and performances by folk dance groups
  • sending delegations the Nancy Chrysanthemum Flower
  • communications between medical associations and
    nurse schools
  • performing traditional Kanazawa handicrafts in Nancy
  • accepting Nancy students to Kanazawa's Utatsuyama
    Crafts Workshop
Peformance by classical ballet group
Emblem of Nancy
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