About Kanazawa City

   Kanazawa, the biggest city in the Hokuriku region has a population of 
450,000, and is a castle town that was ruled over by the Maeda family 
for three centuries after the first lord Toshiie Maeda entered Kanazawa
Castle in 1583.                     
   The development of its special products like rice, sake, sweets, etc.
was due to its temperate and rainy climate with heavy snow in winter.
   The city is surrounded by the Japan Alps, Hakusan National Park and 
Noto Peninsula National Park. Two rivers run through the city; the Sai 
is said to be a lively masculine river and the Asano to be a sweet, 
feminine river. Such a natural background of great beauty gives the 
city a relaxed feeling.
   Since the Kaga Clan invited many artists and craftsmen to this area, 
it achieved a high level of craftsmanship that continues to flourish 
to this day.      
   Colorful KUTANI POTTERY, earthy OHI POTTERY,  elegant KANAZAWA 
LACQUERWARE, glittering KANAZAWA GOLD LEAF, unique-to-Kanazawa 
PAULOWNIA CRAFT, specially hand-painted KAGA-YUZEN SILK, KAGA 
KANAZAWA BUDDHIST ALTARS.                                
   The buildings that gave birth to these traditions stand tranquilly 
and blend in with the modern atmosphere in Kanazawa to create a 
charming ancient castle town.