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 In Japan, a ribbon-like decoration called a mizuhiki has been
used when exchanging presents for ages. 
 Mizuhiki is made from washi (traditional Japanese paper) cut 
into long, thin strips which have been twisted into strings.
It is then stiffened by coating it with a glue made of 
seaweed and white clay which has been dissolved in water.
It is from this process that mizuhiki gets its name: Mizu
means water and hiku means to apply. Next, the mizuhiki is 
polished to a shine with a cotton cloth. Many different 
colored pieces of paper, as well as gold and silver leaf, are
used to make mizuhiki.
 The mizuhiki from the Kaga region are known for their 
gorgeous designs of plum, bamboo, and pine, as well as cranes 
and turtles, which symbolize long life.


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