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  Kaga Zogan were first made when the second Lord of Kaga, Maeda Toshinaga, invited the third Chikuzyo of the Goto family, a specialist in metalwork, from Kyoto in order to develop ornamental techniques in the fief.
  There are two main techniques of Kaga Zogan: Hira Zogan (flat inlay) and Ito Zogan (thread inlay). Characteristically, the local art consists of thin lines of Ito Zogan patterns combined with Hira Zogan. Since the patterns are inlaid in narrow, ant-sized grooves, the inscribed patterns never fall off, even when the work is jarred. With gorgeous designs of flowering plants or insects, Kaga Zogan is famous nationwide, and Kaga Zogan armor was presented to various federal lords during the federal period.
  At one time, this craft was in danger of dying out; however, the number of artisans who use the technique has gradually increased with the boom in traditional art in recent years. Now, in addition to vases, incense burners, and other traditional items, new items, such as brooches, are produced.


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