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   With the growth of Noh, the culture of the tea ceremony developed in the castle town of Kanazawa.
   The tea ceremony flourished in Kanazawa, when the third Lord, Maeda Toshitsune, introduced tea-planting techniques from Uji. Tsunanori invited Senbiki Soshitsu (1622 - 1697), the founder of the Ura Senke school of tea, to Kanazawa and encouraged the ceremony. The higher Samurai and wealthy common people competed with each other in building tearooms, and purchased wares and tools for the tea ceremony. Consequently, much marvelous tea ware and other items were brought to Kaga.
   In addition, most of the paintings and crafts that developed in Kanazawa are closely related to tea. For example, Ohiyaki is a very famous tea ware made by craftsmen at the north end of Ohi Village. It is said to have been developed by the first Chozaemon, who came to Ohi with Senbiki Soshitu in 1666. This tea ware is very valuable today.


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