Improvement of the City Center

The sites of Kanazawa Castle, the former Prefectural Office, 
and the former schools attached to Kanazawa University  
will be redeveloped as a cultural environment zone 
and a new bustling city center to give Kanazawa City 
a central core suited to its new status as a World City.

1. The Site of Kanazawa Castle

■The creation of a site for international 

exchange activities by constructing a city park,
as well as facilities needed for international 

and wide area activities, and reconstructing 

the Ninomaru-goten,a building within the castle


■Preserving the natural environment along with 

the Ishikawa-mon Gate, Sanjukken Row  of Houses,
and other historical properties, 
and reconstructing the keep, gates, walls, stone 

fences, and other historical structures within 

the castle grounds.

2. The Site of the Former Prefectural Offices

■Creation of an urban space with abundant water 

and greenery as a gathering place for the 

residents of the city and the prefecture and

improving the nearby bus terminal and parking 


3. The Site of the Former schools attached to 

   Kanazawa University School

■Establishing cultural and administractive 

facilities which encourage interaction and 

exchange between the people of the city and 



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