Coexistence With Nature

The city's precious natural surroundings will be preserved,
 restored, and newly created to establish a city 
where people coexist with nature.

1. Preservation and Creation of the Natural 


■Preservation of the mountains, rivers, water,

lagoons, coastline, and other features of the

natural environment, maintaining the purity 

of water resources, protecting the habitats 

of wild animals and plants, and creating 

green belts.

2. Contact With Nature

■Foot of Mt. Iouzen : Provision of pathways, 

nature observation facilities, and sports and

recreational facilities.

■Morimoto Hills : Development of a family 

holiday village and a park on the old castle 


■The Southern Hills : Construction of a fully 

equipped park on the hill at Daijoji, and the

provision of health and recreation zones 

along the Uchikawa River and the Saigawa 


■Kahokugata Lagoon : Establishment of Konan 

Waterfront Village and the provision of 

walking paths.

■Kanazawa Sea Coast : Creation of a nature 

grove and seaside recreational area.

3. Consideration for the Natural Environment

■Use of clean energy resources, efficient use 

of energy, and development of groundwater