Stimulation of New Cultural Activity

Measures will be introduced to broaden and deepen the culture of Kanazawa and give it an 

international image as Culture City Kanazawa: a place where new cultural activities are nurtured 

and traditional and modern cultures coexist.

1. Creation of New Cultural Activity

”Introduction of new genre to the theaters and 

concert halls of Kanazawa.

”Make use of the works that win the Kyoka Izumi 

Literary Prize (performing and creating images 

of the works)

2. Improvement of the Creative Environment of   


”Inauguration of a Craft and Culture Village to 

serve as a place for creation, practice, 

and public performances.

”Establishment of a new cultural creation fund 

to support creative activities.

”Construction of an art gallery and archives.

3. Dissemination of New Culture

”Sponsorship of international film festivals, 

theatrical performance festivals, computer art 

festivals, musical contests, etc.