Kanazawa World City Concept

  In Search of the World City Kanazawa

Provision of High-level Urban Functions

  Transportation Systems
  Advanced Information Communication System
  Formation of the Central Axis of the City
  Improvement of the City Center
  Creation of a City to Withstand Disasters

Refining The City's Unique Qualities

Valuing Its Natural Features and History
  Coexistence With Nature
  Contact with History
  Creation of Attractive Scenery
  Promotion of Traditional Culture
For Continuous Improvement
  Relations with the Scholarly World
  Stimulation of New Cultural Activity
  Nurturing Autonomous Industries with Future Potential
  Expansion of International and Regional Exchange Activities

Creation of a Rich Social Environment

  Realization of a Society That Responds to Human Need
  Restoring a Sense of Community
  Rearing Kanazawa's Future Leaders
  Respect for Human Rights and Equal Opportunities for Men and
 Women to Participate in Society

  Creation of a Pleasant Living Environment