Nurturing Autonomous Industries with Future Potential

To contribute to the development of a more vigorous city, 
steps will be taken to nurture and support industries that are 
competitive not only in Japan, but also in markets around the world.

1. Stimulation of Urban Industries

¡Upgrading existing industrial arts and 

introducing the latest technology.

¡Establishment of welfare, medical, information,

environmental, and other industries with the 

potential for future growth.

¡Improvement of the industrial infrastructure 

(Completion of Kanazawa Technopark and the 

construction of new industrial parks and 

distribution parks).

2. Encouragement of Attractive Commercial 


¡Stimulation of the central shopping area along 

with regional and neighborhood shopping streets.

3. Promotion of New Forestry and Agricultural 


¡Stimulation of the production of products 

unique to the Kanazawa area, improvement of the

production infrastructure and organizations, 

and training people to work in these productive


4. Promotion of Tourism and the Convention 


¡Promotion of experience-type sightseeing and 

sponsorship of international festivals.

¡Measures to attract international conventions, 

trade fairs, and similar events.