Creation of a City to Withstand Disasters

Guided by a belief in the motto, "Safety is the Most Important
 Form of Welfare," the people, the business world, 
and the municipal government will work closely together
 to create a city prepared for any disaster.

1. Creating Greater Consciousness of Disaster Protection

■Conducting comprehensive disaster protection 

training and organizing autonomous disaster 

protection organizations and disaster 

protection volunteer groups.

2. Promotion of Disaster Protection Measures

■Promoting the creation of a fire-proof, 

earthquake-proof city by providing open space 

in parks, roads, etc., and by installing fire 


■Strengthening the earthquake resistance of 

water supply pipes, the waste water system, 

and gas facilities, and stockpiling emergency 

goods to prevent the residents from being cut 

off from the necessities of life by an 


3.Reinforcement of Disaster Protection Systems

■Linking systems at the initial stage with 

concerned agencies, providing a fully equipped 

wide area assistance system in preparation for 

disasters, and improving the city's ability to 

fight fires by improving and modernizing 

firefighting equipment and materials. 

■Introduction of new communication systems such 

as a regional emergency wireless network, a 

tidal wave warning radio system, and satellite