Contact with History

City planners will value the history of the city, 
which was established as a castle town about 400 
years ago and has never been devastated by war 
or natural disaster.

1.Provision of a History and Culture Symbol Zone

¡Transformation of the area surrounding 

Kenrokuen Garden into a symbol zone that 

expresses the history, traditions, and culture 

of the city.

2. Preservation of Historical Streets

¡Preservation of samurai and merchant homes, the

restaurant district, and temples and shrines, 

to form Komachi-nami(a small,historical neighborhood)
   and a traditional environment.

¡Restoration of historical streets (Hokkoku 

Street, Kanaiwa Street, Tsurugi Street, etc.)

¡Town planning that includes sound scapes and 

aroma scapes.

3.  Creation of the Historical and Cultural 


¡Provision of a "Historical and Cultural Village"to 
   preserve valuable historical buildings.