In Search of the World City Kanazawa

     In 1964,Kanazawa City constructed a long-term plan to be carried 

out in five stages,and in 1985 established a plan to promote Kanazawa 

as a people-friendly,cultural,and industrial city known on an 

international scale and used these plans as the basic ideology for citypolicy. 
  With these plans as a guide for the administration of city 

policy,Kanazawa has worked hard to fulfill her functions as a unique 

city which has an excellent city framework,has preserved its 

traditional culture,and aims to improve the living environment of her 


     Nevertheless,in this period anticipating an age of large-scale 

change,I would like to see a new plan develop to take the place of the 

one titled"Image of Kanazawa in the Twenty-first Century"which was 

completed in 1984.

     By maintaining and developing Kanazawa's praise-worthy and 

important originality,making the city an increasingly charming place to

live,and promoting cooperation between Kananazawa and cities both 

domestic and abroad,we hope to fulfill our responsibility to our city's

history. At the same time,using her role as a city as a base,Kanazawa 

will actively confront new issues of global concern,and by doing so 

hopes to increase her pride as a world city.

     Therefore,Kanazawa's future consists of building her up,small 

though she is,to be a city whose unique rays spread their brilliance 

throughout the world.

     In order to recognize her own position and role in the world,the

World City Kanazawa Concept was developed,and keeping the future in 

mind,we hope to create a city to grow and improve as the next century


Fundamental Themes

A city whose unique rays spread their brilliance throughout the world  
A city with the aim of attaining the happiness of every citizen

Conditions necessary to be a World City.