Transportation Systems

Transportation facilities will be established in the City of Kanazawa 
to facilitate travel to and from other parts of Japan and foreign countries
to improve the city's ability to function as both a key Japan Sea Coast city
and as an international city. 

1. Wide Area Transportation

■Providing the Port of Kanazawa with everything

it needs to serve as an international contact 

base, and obtaining a super-high speed Techno 

Super Liner.

■Promoting the designation of Komatsu Airport 

as an international airport.

■Early completion of the Hokuriku Shinkansen 

(Bullet Train) and promotion of the plan for 

the construction of a new Bullet Train route 

and a new highway running the full length of 

the Japan Sea Coast.

2. Regional Transportation

■Improvement of the regional road network (The 

Iouzen Tunnel,the Noto Toll Road, the Bay 

Bridge on the Kanazawa Station Harbor Line).

3. Transportation Within Kanazawa City

■Establishment of a comprehensive transportation

network (Construction of a loop road network, 

provision of a new transportation system, 

stimulation of public transport, and provision of a pedestrian environment).