Restoring a Sense of Community

Town-planning that encourages participation in community affairs 
by all residents will be developed.

Specifically, large open spaces at intersections and back streets
will be improved, festivals, traditional events, and other local
cultural customs will be encouraged, and a rich community 
spirit will be restored through the revival of neighborhood activities.

1. Revival and Creation of Space for Group 


■Improvement of back streets, wide areas formed 

at intersections, and other places suited for 

local group activities, and the use of 

facilities owned by local companies and other 

organizations for local activities.

2.  Nurturing the Community Spirit 

■Preservation of traditional events, revival of 

festivals, and creation of new home-town 


■Nurturing a new community spirit by providing 

community broadcasting systems or a town 


3. Expansion of Volunteer Activities

■Expansion of welfare activities involving the 

entire region, promotion of support for the 

community by local business enterprises.

■Completion of the Kanazawa Volunteer 

University as a place to train people for 

volunteer activities of all kinds.