Creation of Attractive Scenery

Measures will be taken to encourage city planning that preserves and refines the
 irreplaceable and attractive traditional environment and harmonizes development
 The Site of the Former schools attached to 

   Kanazawa University School with conservation. 

1. Preservation of the Traditional CityScape
■Beautification of slopes, stone walls, and 

empty space in the middle of broad 

intersections, and the improvement of riverside

streets and scenic areas.
■Designation of new traditional environment 

preservation districts and designation of 

traditional structure preservation districts.

2. Creation of Modern CityScapes 

■Enactment of incentives to beautify the city by

regulating the height, design, and color of 


3.  Creation of Typical Kanazawa Scenery 

■The year-round use of open channels to 

distribute drinking water, guidance regarding

outdoor advertising media, the creation of 

greenery, and planning of night scapes.