Creation of a Pleasant Living Environment

Efforts will be made to create a safe, secure, and 
pleasant living environment so that the residents of Kanazawa 
will feel a true sense of affluence in their daily lives.

1. Guaranteeing Comfortable Homes 

■Construction of high-quality reasonably priced 

residential sub-divisions in the suburbs of the

city and reconstruction of residential 

neighborhoods in the center of Kanazawa.

2.  Creation of Charming Environments Filled 

   with Greenery

■The improvement of the city's parks and green

belts, and the planting of trees around public 

buildings and on private land.

3. Provision of Pure Water

■Extension of the public water supply to hilly

regions and other parts of Kanazawa still 

outside the public water supply service area.

■Encouragement for the expansion of the public

waste water collection and treatment system.

4. Stable Supply of City Gas

■A switch-over to natural gas.

5. Provision of a Clean Living Environment

■Creation of beautiful neighborhoods free of 


■Achievement of a recycling society.

6. Communities Free of Fear

■Realization of a bright regional society.