Respect for Human Rights and Equal Opportunities for Men and Women to Participate in Society

Measures will be introduced to establish conditions necessary 
for each and every resident of Kanazawa to respect each others' rights, 
and a city will be created in which men and women are economically 
and spiritually autonomous and are equally capable of displaying their talents.

1. Enhancement of People's Consciousness of 

   Human Rights

■Nurturing people to respect other people's 

rights, avoid any type of discrimination, and 

feel compassion for the weak.

2. Nurturing a Consciousness of the Equality 

   of Men and Women.

3. Equal Treatment of Men and Women in the 

   Work Place.

4. Cooperation between Male and Female Members

   of Families.

5. Encouragement of Women's Participation in 


■Active participation in city planning.

■Creation of a social environment for 

child-raising and child care.