Formation of the Central Axis of the City

An elegant modern cityscape will be created along the main artery
of Kanazawa City, the central axis of Kanazawa from Katamachi 
and Korinbo to Musashigatsuji, Kanazawa Station, and the Port of 

■The division of the central axis into three 

zones, the Station-East Zone, the Station-West 

Zone, and the Western Zone, and the 

well-planned placement within these three zones

of business offices, commercial services, 

production and distribution facilities, 

information systems, and administrative offices

■The establishment of facilities to stimulate 

and nurture international and wide area 

exchange activities at three key points on the 

central transportation axis: Kanazawa Station, 

the Hokuriku Highway, and the Port of Kanazawa.

■Aggressive action to build up the city's 

infrastructure by introducing a new 

transportation system, building an optical 

fiber network, and implementing redevelopment 

and land readjustment projects.