Realization of a Society That Responds to Human Need

To transform Kanazawa into an international model welfare city, 
a regional and home-welfare service network will be put in place to
serve as the foundation of the city's future welfare services.

1. Completion of a Regional and Home-Welfare 


■Improvement of regional welfare facilities and 

provision of day services, etc.

2.  Creation of a Barrier-Free Community

■Removal of all barriers from public and private

buildings and pedestrian areas.

■Provision of working environments which can be 

used with ease by persons with disabilities.

3. Training of Welfare Workers and Welfare 

   Technology R&D

■Establishment of schools to train welfare 

workers and the training of welfare volunteers.

■Promotion of the commercialization of the 

welfare-related fields.

4. Support for Health Care and Promotion of 

   Relations Between Generations

■The establishment of examination systems for 

people of all ages and the promotion of close

relations between people in different age 


5. Creation of an Environment for Worry-Free 

   Child Care

■Expansion of child care services and the 

provision of children's centers and playgrounds.

6. Stabilizing Daily Life

■Provision of complete welfare services for 

workers and stabilization of consumers'