Rearing Kanazawa's Future Leaders

The people who will lead World City Kanazawa will be nurtured by
 promoting the education and upbringing of broadminded, 
extremely sensitive, caring persons with the ability to 
create a positivefuture.

1. Formal Education That Nurtures 

   Individuality and Creativity

■Provision of a relaxed and unique educational

environment and encouragement of formal 

education that takes advantage of the talents

of local people.

■The creation of an environment that gives 

children opportunities for contact with 

traditional culture and performing arts, and 

stimulates their interest in space, science, 

and technology.

■Founding of the Kanazawa Creativity School to

allow children to meet talented people from all

walks of life.

■Implementation of positive measures to promote 

international exchange projects such as 

overseas study, home-stay programs, and the 

dispatch of delegations to sister cities.

2.  Creation of a Life-Time Study Society

■Use of local public halls as locations for 

life-time study.

■Sponsorship of sports activities and the 

construction of large sports facilities.

3. Nurturing People Deeply Concerned with 

   Others' Welfare

■Improvement of young people's morals and 

manners, and improvements to their health.