Relations with the Scholarly World

As a city closely associated with scholarship, Kanazawa
 will form bonds between industry, government, 
and academic institutions to preserve the tradition established
in the feudal period when people used to say
"Kaga is the nation's library," and in this way, restore its role as 
"Kanazawa, an International Center of Learning."

1. Formation of a Scholarship Encouragement 


”Establishment of a Science and Technology 

Center as a research center to be used jointly 

by industry, the local government, and members 

of the local academic community.

”Establishment of an Open Academy.

”Opening of a University Information Exchange 

Center to provide information about university 


2. Provision of Scholarship Roads

”Provide a road network linking institutions of 

higher education.

3. Promotion of Scholarly Activity

”Attraction of universities and academic 

research institutes to new fields.

”Encouragement of scholarly and cultural 

exchange activities with organizations 

elsewhere in Japan and around the world.