Promotion of Traditional Culture

The traditional culture preserved as part of the daily lives
 of the people of Kanazawa will be maintained and expanded,
 cultural exchanges with both other parts of Japan 
and foreign lands will bedeepened,and the city's qualifications 
to call itself the Culture City Kanazawa will be strengthened.

1. Preservation and Development of Traditional


¡Guidance for the National Craftwork Museum, and

improvement of the Satoyama art studios.

¡Securing and training of young craftsmen.

2.  Preservation and Development of Traditional

   Culture and Performing Arts
¡Provision of opportunities for training, public

performances, and exchange activities, and the 

construction of auditoriums and other 


¡Concerts of Japanese music at historical 

locations and joint performances with modern 

theater groups.

3. Preservation of Folk Performance Arts

¡Preservation of the Lion Dance, drumming, 

folk-dancing, etc.

4. Rediscovery of the Culture of Daily Life

¡Preservation of the technology and skills of 

carpenters, plasterers, roof tilers, and other 

craftsmen, and the establishment of schools to 

train their successors.

5. Preservation and Accumulation of Cultural 


¡Preservation of the Sonkeikaku Bunko and other

Important Cultural Artifacts.

¡Construction of an archives for historical 

documents and a research center for buried 

cultural Artifacts.