Japanese Confectionery

The most traditional sweet in Kanazawa. The shape of this sweet was designed by the third feudal lord of this area and the name embossed on its surface was originally written by Enshu Kobori, a prominent tea master in the 17th century.
This sweet-bean dumpling is covered with dry pink and white sugar wafers representing the glow of sunrise and snow on Mt. Fuji. This confection lasts for a long period of time.
(rice flour cake)

Rakugan is a dry cake and usually represents the scenery of the seasons. It originated in China and was brought to Japan by Zen monks in the Kamakura era (1192 ~ 1333).
Rakugan (rice flour cake)
Goshiki Namagashi
(five-colored fresh cake)

These colorful sweets are essential as wedding gifts in Kanazawa. White rice cakes with sweet bean jam are colored red partially and represent the sun. White rice cakes covered with sesame represent the moon behind clouds. Rhombus-shaped cakes represent waves on the ocean. Cakes covered with yellow-colored rice grains represent the moon. And steamed sweet bean paste represents the country side.
Goshiki Namagashi (five-colored fresh cake)
(auspicious plum)

These are red and white cakes made of a waffle cup and shaped like the plumflower crest of the Maeda family, the feudal lords of this area. This cake is sold only during the New Year season.
Fukuume (auspicious plum)

Delicacies of Kanazawa

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