Kanazawa Municipal Yasue Gold Leaf Museum

Yasue Takaaki, extending gold leaves from 4 cm2 to 22 cm2.


  You will find this museum a short walk from the west exit of Kanazawa Station.
  Yasue Takaaki was an artisan, who devoted his life to working gold leaf. In 1974, he spent his own fortune to construct this exhibition hall, where his collections, including gold leaf work, are open to the public. In 1985, this building and the collections were donated to Kanazawa City, and were recently opened as the Kanazawa Municipal Yasue Gold Leaf Museum.
   The technique of gilding is thought to have been introduced from Kyoto to Kanazawa in the latter half of the 16th century. The technique was further developed and nurtured here. Now, the traditional manufacture of gold leaf art in Kanazawa accounts for almost 100% of national production. At this museum, you can see how gold leaf is manufactured.

Fee 300 yen (including tea and baked sweets that contain gold leaf)
Open 9:30am - 5:00pm (No entry after 4:30pm)
Closed The beginning and end of the year,
and for the preparation of new exhibits
Tel +81-76-233-1502