Daijo-Ji Temple


   This temple is situated at the foot of Mt. Daizyoji in the Noda range. It is said to have been established in Nonoichi, when Togashi, Lord of Kaga, invited Totsu Gisuke, the third head priest of Eihei-Ji Temple, to build a temple here. Daijo-Ji temple flourished as the main temple of the Soto school in Hokuriku district; however, it declined after the Togashi family died out. In the federal period, it was restored as the temple of the Honda family, the chief retainer of the Kaga federal domain. The temple was moved downhill from Daijoji to its current site in Honda Town, in 1697.
   The temple grounds cover 20,000 square meters, and Japanese red pine trees surround the temple. Inside the main grounds of the temple are cathedrals, including Zendo housing built in a corridor style.
  Since asceticism is practiced in a Zen temple, the atmosphere is pure and quiet.