Nakamura Memorial Museum



  The Nakamura Memorial Museum is situated a short distance inside Honda Park, opposite Kanko Kaikan (the Sightseeing Hall).
   The museum contains work collected by the Nakamura family, brewers in Kanazawa City.
   The collection includes the "Musou Soseki Bokuseki" (Bokuseki means works of calligraphy) and the "Tekagami" (the Hand Mirror), which are designated important cultural assets, the "Makie Nanbanjin Zu Suzuribako" (the Gold Lacquered Inkstone Case with a Picture of Southeast Asian People) made by Koetsu, and the "Aoido Chawan" (the Cup with a Picture of the Blue Well) with the Kumoi brand. The main display consists of objects of art related to the tea ceremony, which reflects the local people's enthusiasm for the ceremony.

Fee300 yen
Hours 9:30am - 5:00pm (No entry after 4:30pm)
Closed the preparation of new exhibits,December 29th, and January 3rd
Tel +81-76-221-0751