ishiura shrine


  The Ishiura Shrine is said to have been built in the Tensho Era as a local shrine for seven villages in the Ishiura district. It was moved from Shimohonda-cho to its current site in 1880. Over 255 trees surround the shrine, forming an oasis in the center of the city. Kanazawa City designated the shrine a Preserved Forest in 1983.
   The big votive light in the precincts of the shrine is located in the middle of Hirosaka, between the shrine and Kenrokuen Garden, and also served as a light for the area.
   Ujiko Chizu (the Map of Ujiko) (*Ujiko means people under the protection of the local deity), which is owned by the shrine, was made in 1631. It shows 14 villages in Ishikawa County and is called "Kashu Ishikawa-no-kohri Utsushi Ezu" (the Picture of Ishikawa County, Kashu Prefecture).
   The map shows the locations of feudal warriors' residences, temples and shrines, towns, villages, slopes, and bridges, giving an idea of what the castle town of Kanazawa used to look like.