Tokuda Shusei Literature Monument


   The monument of Tokuda Shusei, one of the three greatest writers from Kanazawa, is at the entrance of the lake-observation platform on Mt. Utatsu. Shusei was a writer in the naturalism style, and like Izumi Kyoka, was born near the Asano River. Kyoka was one grade junior to Shusei at Baba Elementary School.
   The monument was built in 1947. It imitates a mud wall; on the wall, Muro Saisei, an admirer of Shusei from the same city, has written a chronological list of events. A quote of Shusei's is inscribed on a ceramic board.

"Sho wo yomazaru koto mikka, tsura ni aka wo shozu toka…" (If you spend three days without reading a book, your face may get filthy…")