Oyama Shrine


  Oyama Shrine was dedicated to Lord Toshiie Maeda, the first lord of the Kaga Clan. It was first built on Mount Utatsu in 1599 by order of the second Lord Toshinaga Maeda. It was moved to its present location by later lords.
  Its gate, now specified as a cultural asset, was designed by a Dutch architect named Holtman and built by Yoshinosuke Tsuda. It is 83 Feet high and the stained glass windows on the third story once served as a beacon to sailors on the Japan Sea. It has a unique European air about it. Giving a symmetrical image to this gate is the rear gate called Higashi Gate. It was first built as a palace gate of Kanazawa Castle. Later it was moved to its present location, together with a carving of two elegant dragons.
  The grounds include a garden designed for the stroller's pleasure by Enshu Kobori with islets and bridges shaped like harps and lutes.