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Tea Bowl, Known as "Hijiri" Ohi amber glaze.
made by Present master; 1st. Ohi Chozaemon

Ohi-Ware was developed for use in the tea ceremony. Made of soft clay and fired at low temperatures, Ohi pieces are prized for their beautiful shapes and luster.

When the founder of the urasenke style of tea ceremony, Sen-so Soshitsu was invited to Kanazawa as the lord of the tea ceremony for the Kaga Clan in 1666, the first Chozaemon came with him and established Ohi in Kanazawa.
Tea Bowl
"Ohi Black and White Glaze"
12.2cm x H8.0cm
made by Present master;
10th Chozaemon Ohi

Inlaid Design and Ohi Mishima Style Vessel,
25cm x H58cm
made by Present master;
10th Chozaemon Ohi
The Ohi method is to form the shape by hand, curving off excess bits with a spatula without using a wheel. At the firing stage, the piece is glazed and put into the kiln. Then the temperature is increased sharply within a short time, and the piece is taken out while the glaze is melting to cool down rapidly. This method requires sudden temperature changes, so finding good clay soil is important. The first Chozaemon found the most suitable soil in Ohi Village which is a suburb of Kanazawa. The name Ohi came from the name of the place. Since then, this method has been handed down to us as Ohi.
Most Ohi pottery is tea utensils among which tea bowls are most abundant. Its distinctive glaze contrasts beautifully with the powdered green tea used in tea ceremony.
Water Container
With Bird Design,
Ohi Amber and Green Glase
18.5cm x H181.2cm
made by Present master;
10th Chozaemon Ohi

Chronological List of Masters

Genenation Master's name Other name

First Ohi-Chozaemon Hodoan 1630-1712
Second Ohi-Chozaemon Hodoan 1686-1747
Third Ohi-Chozaemon Hodoan.Kanbei 1728-1802
Fourth Ohi-Chozaemon Doan.Kanbei 1758-1839
Fifth Ohi-Chozaemon Hodoan.Kanbei 1799-1856
Sixth Ohi-Chozaemon Sakutaro 1828-1856
Seventh Ohi-Chozaemon Michitada 1833-1896
Eighth Ohi-Chozaemon Yuigensai.Sosyun 1851-1927
Ninth Ohi-Chozaemon Todosai 1901-1986
Tenth Ohi-Chozaemon Toshiro 1927-
Ohi-Toshio 1958-


Special Thanks to Mr. Tenth Ohi-Chozaemon
Special Thanks to Mr. Ohi-Toshio

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