Since winter comes early to Kanazawa, the yukitsuri is put up
in November. It starts with the famous Karasaki Pine in       
Kenrokuen Garden.                                             
 The trees that are suppported are pines, azaleas, and fruit  
trees. First a pole is propped up near the trunk of a tree and
rope is hung from it and attached to the ground, forming a    
teepee-like shape. This process is especially important for   
evergreen trees because they are so delicate.                 

 There are three types of yukitsuri.                          
      Ringo-tsuri: five ropes attached to one pole are
                   placed close to the trunk of a tree, and
                   a special decorative rope is attached to
                   the top of the pole.
     Miki-tsuri: used to support young trees such
                  as pine and cherry. The rope is attached     
                  directly to the top of a tree and hangs     
                  directly into the lower branches of the     
                  tree giving it proper support.               
    Shibori:    used on shrubs such as bush clovers
                  and azaleas. Rope is used to gather all
                  the branches into a bottle-like shape.
                  This method is used to protect the plants
                  from snow piling up on the ground around
 The most popular method is Ringo-tsuri, and all the famous and
older trees in Kenrokuen Garden are supported in this manner.  

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