During the Edo Period, 50 workers were employed to help extinguish 
fires at each Kaga feudal lord's estate in Edo. When a fire broke 
out and was successfully extinguished, the firemen from that 
particular estate became well-known and respected. After the Meiji 
Restoration these firemen were invited to Kanazawa where they
demonstrated their technique using manual fire engines and fire
hooks and ladders on New Year's Day. From that point on, the name 
Kagatobi Dezomeshiki was applied to this ceremony.
 This event brings all the volunteer firemen together on January
6 of each year to perform their feats in the dry riverbed of the 
Sai River. They perform feats such as pouring water over each 
other wearing nothing but a loincloth, or climbing a ladder and 
performing gymnastics atop it.

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