Himuros are ice houses where people in Kanazawa stored frozen
snow until summer. The frozen snow wrapped in bamboo leaves
sold well during the Edo Period.
 On June 1 according to the lunar calendar, the Kaga Clan 
presented the Edo Shogun with frozen snow preserved through the 
winter which was rushed to Edo on foot. It was carried by eight
porters in alternation for four days and nights to Edo, a 
distance of about 480 kilometers. The townspeople prayed at the 
shrine for the safe delivery of the frozen snow and ate manju
(buns filled with sweet red bean paste) instead of the snow.
 On July 1 the people of Kanazawa eat himuro manju in 
celebration of the health of the family. It is said that if 
people eat them, they will be healthy all year.

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