Ishikawa Prefectual Noh Theater



  Being called a city of tradition and history, Kanazawa is well-known for its Noh drama. Since the "Hosho school" is very popular here, and one of the old regional names in Ishikawa prefecture was "kaga", the name "Kaga Hosho" is well-known in Japan.
  Noh performers include a wide variety of people, and recitals are held by the Kanazawa Nohgakukai every month. Besides these there are dozens of other recitals held every year. There is a series of one hour performances including a Noh play and a Kyogen, comedic interlude, offered every Saturday evening during the summer months.
  The stage is built completely of Japanese cypress with a roof similar to Shinto shrine.
  Noh actors' performances are held on the highly polished main stage (butai) before the old pine tree painted on the mirror board (kagamiita).

FeePlease check before going
Hours 9:00am-5:00pm
(Untill 4:30pm when there is no practice)